The 10 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

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The 10 Best Housewarming Gifts for Men

Around 66% of Australians own their own home. Purchasing your own house is a huge milestone, and it's something you want to commemorate and remember forever.

Of course, when someone completes their purchase, you want to celebrate this milestone by attending their housewarming party and bringing some great gifts to make their house a home.

If there's a man in your life who's recently moved into his new house, whether making the big purchase or simply renting a spot he's proud of, then you'll want to get him the best housewarming gift available. Read on to find out the top 10 you can give him!

1. Cutlery Knife Block Set

Everyone's got to eat to survive, and to do so, you have to be able to meal prep. Yes, the guy in question may be guilty of eating out tons, but with a proper cutlery knife block set, he'll be more motivated to prep his own meals.

A nice knife set can mean all the difference in making him feel at home. When he can comfortably make food in his kitchen instead of just showcasing this space, he'll feel more like the home's his.

2. Coffee Maker

Another important thing to gift your loved one is a coffee maker. After all, what's the first thing you do when you wake up? Go to the coffee maker, of course.

Help your guy feel energized and happy in the morning by gifting him a coffee maker that has all the latest bells and whistles so he can make that perfect cup every morning.

3. Wall Clock

While the majority of us have smartphones to check the time, it's still nice to have a large statement piece hanging up. That way, the walls don't look so bare, and guests won't have to fish out their phone to check the time when they're over.

You can go with a classic analog clock or a techy digital one. This all depends on your loved one's tastes and what aesthetic he's going for, of course.

4. Painting

Going along the lines of gift #3, a painting can really help cover up all that empty space on a wall and give a room some personality.

Again, the type of painting you choose will depend on your man's personality and desired aesthetics. There's a huge difference between choosing a painting of a landscape and one that depicts a scene from a comic book.

Get a feel for what he's going for by having a chat about what he's planning to do with his house.

5. Scented Candles

We all know you can go to any store and purchase scented candles, but those usually have feminine smells. Hardly a fantastic choice for the man in your life.

The great thing is, there are scented candles made specifically with the male in mind. Not only do they smell manly (with scents such as black leather and single malt), but they're also designed to look more masculine.

Pick up one of these bold candles so your guy can have a house that smells wonderful.

6. Wall Bottle Opener

Chances are, your guy loves to drink beer. Who doesn't?

But it can be tough searching for a bottle opener. Then you crack open a cold one and either leave the bottle cap lying around or dispose of it in the trash.

It can all be so much simpler with a wall bottle opener. Not only does it make a nice decoration, but all you have to do is walk over with your beer, crack it open, and the caps will either stick to the board by magnetic force or drop into a convenient little box below.

7. Echo Dot

This can be a snazzy gift for guys who love tech. It's definitely not a necessity, but it can be a very welcome addition to his house.

When he's sitting around at home, he'll have this piece of technology to help him play music, answer questions, and hear daily news. And with its voice command functions, it can be pretty cool to witness.

8. BBQ Set

Men love to barbecue, so they're sure to be pleased with a new BBQ set. Most come with tongs, a spatula, fork, brush, and apron.

Like the knife set, this BBQ set can motivate your special guy to cook more meals at home rather than eat out. Plus, it'll give him an excuse to invite his friends over for a grilling session!

9. Board Games

Your man's probably put together his bookshelves, but they may be a bit bare. Why not give him some gifts that are not only functional but also perk up his bookshelves?

Gift him some classic board games to remind him of his childhood memories. The best thing about this gift is a lot of these games are still fun in adulthood, so he can entertain his guests with these as well.

10. Wine Cork Shadow Box

Many people buy bottles of wine for different occasions; whether they're for everyday drinking or to celebrate a milestone, some of these corks have great designs and they can be worth keeping for memories.

But where should you keep them? Surely, stuffing them in a plastic bag isn't such a great idea.

With a wine cork shadow box, your guy can put it at the back of his kitchen counter and slowly collect the corks from the bottles he drinks. It'll make for a fantastic decoration in his kitchen.

Give the Best Housewarming Gifts

Now you know the best housewarming gifts, so go out and get shopping! Make this housewarming the greatest one your special guy's ever experienced so he knows you love and care about him.

If you're ready to pick up a beautiful candle for that special man in your life, then take a look at our collection now.


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