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We don't immediately associate scented candles with men, but we should. Men love cologne. Fragrance helps a man carve out his identity, it creates allure, it builds confidence, especially in moments of interaction. In much the same way, a nice smelling home reflects well on him when family, friends and loves ones stop by.

So what are the best candles for men?

To our mind, this question is synonymous with - what scents does he like?

Fragrances are split into different scent families, of which there are four: floral, oriental, woody, fresh. It's often the case that a person will gravitate toward one scent family over the others.


These fragrances smell like, as you would expect, flowers. The sub categories are floral, soft floral and oriental floral. Rightly or wrongly, strong floral fragrances are not typically known as masculine scents. But if you know your man loves these aromas, go for it.


Oriental fragrances stand out due to their blend of warmth and sensuality. They draw their richness from elements like musk, vanilla and woods, often associated with exotic floral and spicy scents. Oriental is known for being associated with an element of romance and seduction, many masculine colognes comprise these notes.


Woody fragrances have an earthy, full-bodied scent that has staying power on the skin. As you would expect, they smell like wood. Vetiver, moss, oak, amber, cedarwood and sandalwood are common variations. Woody notes are commonly associated with strength and conviction. They are also thought to be notably masculine.


Fresh fragrances are clean, invigorating, for those occasions where we want to start the day with a sense of uncluttered purpose. These fragrances are fairly light and comprise the likes of bergamot, lemon peel, mandarin. Fresh fragrance sub components are fruity, citrus, greens, and water.

So what are the best candles for men?

The most important thing is to know which fragrance family he leans toward. A simple guide would be looking at which notes he typically has in his cologne: woody, bergamot, musk, sandalwood, etc. However, assuming you are flying blind, so to speak, here's a few guidelines. Strong floral notes are not as common in masculine aromas (though they can complement woody or other fragrances well). Fresh fragrances can be a great option for an energetic, morning person. By comparison, woody notes have a more upmarket and striking aroma. Oriental tends to be for romantic occasions.

If you are looking for ideas, Fyrian has a collection of masculine candles:

Single Malt - Earthy + Spicy

Black Leather - Rich + Seductive

Cerulean - Fresh + Woody


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