What makes a man candle?

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You may have heard the term 'man candle' or 'mandle' thrown around. One of the more growing trends in recent times is this category of candles for men. It's often said tongue-in-cheek, grin on face, though it speaks to an underlying reality - men love the benefits and pleasures that a candle provides, but until recently it has been a product category that not all men have felt comfortable outwardly associating themselves with. Rightly, or wrongly.

Men love cologne, from a basic hedonistic perspective they enjoy the aroma . More than this though, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, men of all kinds enjoy the status and allure that comes with a nice smelling home. When someone walks into a house or apartment that you own or rent and are met with a pleasurable scent, this speaks volumes about the quality of the individual that inhabits and maintains the space. 

So what makes a man candle?

Men already love candles, but they don't shout from the rooftop about it. So in creating a man candle it's about stylistically catering to masculine aesthetics in the design, look and feel of the vessel and packaging. It's also about finding a set of incredible aromas that men would be proud if someone walked though the door into their home.

Fyrian is an Australian boutique candle label based in Sydney. Fyrian candles are poured in Sydney, Australia and have a masculine look and feel. The vessel is made with high quality concrete, to reflect and industrial design, and is entirely original. Check out the Fyrian candle range here. The scents include Single Malt, Black Leather & Cerulean.


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