Best sensual and seductive scents for men

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Candle making is an art and requires thorough knowledge of the ingredients. Traditionally, candles were made from whatever wax was available in the household and in the previous centuries, tallow was common.

Tallow is lamb or beef fat, and it can last in airtight conditions without the requirement of refrigeration, and was the most common ingredient for candles in Europe. In China, whale fat served the same purpose; India used to boil cinnamon and use the wax from it for temples. Beeswax was also common, although it was not available to all due to its high prices. With an increase in demand for the most environmentally safe products, soy candles are highly sought-after as the best candles for mens bedroom as well as for women and other occasions.

How do different scents affect one’s moods?

Some scents are more appealing and act as aphrodisiacs, adding to the seduction and the excitement. The right fragrance is one of the best ways to relax, as the scent is very closely related to memory and emotions. The right scent can trigger old memories and also set a playful mood.

The most popular aphrodisiac scents for candles for men are, however, not restricted to pumpkin, with undertones of lavender have been proven to increase the blood flow up to 40% to the nether regions. Remember, lavender is known for its calming and arousing properties which are perfect for setting the mood. Vanilla is another popular choice and has been proven to increase arousal by 9% when 200 mg or more is used.

Jasmine, strawberry, and ginger are also believed to arouse men and set the mood for some exciting times. Of all controversial fragrances, black licorice also increases arousal in men by almost 13%; this number jumps up when combined with the scent of doughnuts. A combination of the doughnut scent alongside black licorice shoots up to 32%.

In conclusion

These statistics show how extremely important it is to choose the right scent to set the mood; therefore, researching the right fragrances for the best scented candles for guys is imperative to make the right choice.

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