Candles for men – strong and masculine scents for a relaxing experience

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Traditionally, when most people think of gifting candles, it is for women. However, new market research and trends show a promising increase in the sales for men’s candles. Just like women, men also love to relax after a long stressful day with a drink and some nice soothing scented candles.

It is not hard to imagine, therefore, that the scented candles for women are going to be different from that of men. The main question that most ask, however, is where to buy candles for men, as not all brands will stock a wide range of uniquely scented candles for men to relax and enjoy. There are a few fabulous brands that offer scintillating scented candles for men to enjoy, whether after work and a long hard day to unwind or for a romantic evening with their partners.

What are the common types of men’s candles?

Each person has different preferences when it comes to scents, and while some may like the sandalwood more, yet others may choose other types of woody scents like amber or cedarwood scents for their candles. Woody scents are full-bodied, earthy scents, which are strong and pleasant and are often used to make the best smelling candles for guys across the globe.

Oriental scents are popular, as often the sensual and spicy notes are considered to be masculine and seductive and even a few of the top men’s colognes utilise exotic Oriental notes for the candles. Although floral scents are not highlighted for most men’s colognes and candles, they can be used to complement woody or fresh fragrances with citrus notes.

The recent times have seen an increase in sales for soy candles. For the uninitiated, soy candles are far more eco-friendly an option, when compared to paraffin wax for a couple of reasons. The most important reason being that soy wax burns slower than paraffin wax. That means that the candles are going to last longer and also emit less soot and burn cleaner, which is better for the environment. The second compelling reason to opt for soy candles is that soy wax carries fragrances and scents easier than paraffin wax. Paraffin candles require chemical amplifiers for milder and muted scents, whereas soy candles can naturally carry the fragrance without hassle.

The final words

Several brands, like Fyrian, offer uniquely scented candles, and some of the intriguing scents are, vetiver, musk, lavender, cinnamon, to name a few. Therefore, when choosing candles for men, it is best to opt for soy candles Australia. That way, you will be able to enjoy the most environmentally friendly option, with superior burning power, lasting for more than 50 hours for utmost relaxation and enjoyment, no matter the occasion.

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