4 Best Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Him 2020

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Buying for men is hard. We don't tell you what we want, and most of the things we do want we tend to buy ourselves. To add, Valentine's Day is meant to be about romance, which means it needs to be a special and sentimental gift. Well, here's a few ideas to get you started.

1. Experience - nothing brings two people together like an experience. We bond over shared experiences and creating memories. But what kind of experience? Anything from a picnic, flying a kite, taking a road trip on a weekend away will get you started. But if you really want to dial it up a notch, think about what hobbies your man really enjoys and plan an experience around that. It'll mean the world to him that you're taking an active interest in his passions.

2. Candle - there’s a common misconception that men don’t like candles, let alone scented candles. Simply not true. What is the core feature most people look for in a candle? It’s the scent. Men love cologne. And on a deeper level, they know a nice smell says a lot about a guy. It confers allure, it conveys status, it distinguishes them from other men, the right smell makes a man feel masculine, and it generally just smells nice. In the same vein, men enjoy the ambiance, identity and status that comes with a nice smelling home.

Fyrian makes scented candles with masculine styling and unisex fragrances. Check out the range: Single Malt | Black Leather | Cerulean

3. Watch - depending on your budget, a watch could be a romantic option. A watch is signature item of clothing, much the same way shoes are for men - it conveys a sense of class and style. However, a watch is a very personal item. If you're feeling brave and you know the sense of style your man has, then getting this choice right can really pay off as it will show that you truly know him.

4. Vinyl Player (and a record of his favourite band) - nothing says style like a vinyl player. It's an incredible piece of decor and makes for a great party trick when hosting people. And music is one of the most emotive and personal spaces in someone's life, so this gesture will go straight to his heart.

What's on your hit list to buy for your man this Valentine's Day?


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